Teaching skills and strategies for understanding and managing mental health during developmental years.

Our Program

Emotional Literacy for the Classroom, is a comprehensive program consisting of 9 units. Each unit has a different focus that comes complete with instructions, worksheets and samples.

The program is based on the requirements set out in the Australian Curriculum, syncing well with the Syllabus when teaching resilience and understanding of Mental Health.

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How It Works

MINDTOOLS FOR KIDS uses many strategies to discover what works best for each child. Learning experiences include the latest best practice skills and strategies, self reflection, prompting, discussions and more.

Children create an individualised management plan that comes in the form of a Toolbox. Each toolbox is personalised to cater for the child’s own requirements and needs, making it suitable for all children as they grow.

Mental Health Education for Children

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Educational Program

MINDTOOLS FOR KIDS is NOT designed as a treatment program but rather an Educational Program, suitable for children. The purpose of MINDTOOLS FOR KIDS is to teach each child to be responsible for the efficient management and care of their emotional and mental self, throughout their life.

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Skills & Strategies

MINDTOOLS FOR KIDS teaches strong skills and effective strategies, to understand, care for and manage our mind, as we do our body. These skills are essential for reducing the occurrence and severity of Mental illnesses and supporting the prevention of suicide.

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While learning MINDTOOLS FOR KIDS individual Toolboxes are created and personalised, through exploration of what works best for each child. Each Toolbox is based on the child’s own individual experiences and needs, making MINDTOOLS FOR KIDS suitable for all children as they grow.

Best Practices

Students have the opportunity to learn many of the latest best practices throughout the MINDTOOLS FOR KIDS program ensuring each child has an array of effective and purposeful skills and strategies in their MINDTOOLS Toolbox upon completion.

A closer Look At The Program

In a world buzzing with activity, helping children cultivate mindfulness is more crucial than ever. “Mindful Tools for Kids” offers a compassionate and engaging approach to guide young minds on a journey of self-discovery and well-being.

Digital Download Edition: $39.95

Teachers, elevate your classroom experience with our digital download edition! Instantly access a wealth of engaging activities, interactive worksheets, and guided meditations designed to foster focus, emotional intelligence, and resilience in your students. Print and share worksheets to create a dynamic, hands-on learning environment.

Digital Download and Hard Copy Combo: $59.95

Parents, bring the benefits of mindfulness into your home with the combined digital download and hard copy edition. Instantly access the digital content for on-the-go learning, and enjoy the convenience of printing worksheets for interactive family sessions. It’s a perfect blend of digital accessibility and the tangible joy of a physical book.

What’s Included