Mindtools For Kids

In a world buzzing with activity, helping children cultivate mindfulness is more crucial than ever. “Mindful Tools for Kids” offers a compassionate and engaging approach to guide young minds on a journey of self-discovery and well-being.

Digital Download Edition: $39.95

Teachers, elevate your classroom experience with our digital download edition! Instantly access a wealth of engaging activities, interactive worksheets, and guided meditations designed to foster focus, emotional intelligence, and resilience in your students. Print and share worksheets to create a dynamic, hands-on learning environment.

Digital Download and Hard Copy Combo: $59.95

Parents, bring the benefits of mindfulness into your home with the combined digital download and hard copy edition. Instantly access the digital content for on-the-go learning, and enjoy the convenience of printing worksheets for interactive family sessions. It’s a perfect blend of digital accessibility and the tangible joy of a physical book.


Digital Only, Digital and Soft Cover


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